A huge turnout for our January show meant there was strong competition in all classes and some great dressage scores were achieved. Top score of the day was Lauren Hatton with Volnay 75.3%.

The Freestyle to Music was well supported with several new combinations performing, and it was much enjoyed by the audience. All were potential winners, but it was Quest for Gold ridden by Jane Dyer who lived up to his name and produced a lovely flowing performance to music which included good old Cornish 'Trelawney'!

Many competitors whether placed or not achieved good scores, were pleased with the progress their horses were making, and were enjoying starting a new season in the sunshine and having a good sociable day.

A big thank you to the helpers, judges, writers, scorer, music, and venue providers who cheerfully made the day run smoothly throughout.

Gwen Knight

Results below  

Class 1 - Newcomers - Intro B (2009) Judge: Janette Kessell

1st Deborah Williams Dash of Lime 66.50%
2nd Sally Hellings Ryan's Diamond 63.40%
3rd Tim Field Bob 62.60%
4th Sophie Bertoli      Cosworth Topaz 62.10%
5th Jo Hunt Killarney 60.40%
6th Lauren Hatton May of Highcove 60.00%


Class 2 - Novice Rider - Prelim 7 (2002)  Judge: Janette Kessell

1st Stephanie Ring Caragloose Celtic Storm 65.00%
2nd Jo Hunt Killarney 63.50%
3rd Christie Pascoe Bit of a Devil 62.50%
4th Sophie Bertoli Cosworth Topaz 60.50%
5th Sally Hellings Ryan's Diamond 59.00%
6th Dee Hall Firefly Imp 58.50%


Class 3 - Novice Horse - Prelim 12 (2005) Judge: Janette Kessell

1st Jane Angilly Madison 66.80%
2nd Dympna Gethin Dublin 66.40%
3rd Deborah Williams Dash of Lime 66.00%
4th Anne Richardson Cosworth Glad Rags 65.20%
5th Emily Matthew Demi 63.20%
6th Ali Felton Rollestone Midnight Break 62.80%


Class 4 - Intermediate - Prelim 18 (2002) Judge: Joan Dale

1st Sally Weedon Zircon 70.00%
2nd Gill Plumbley Avonbrook Green Rose 68.30%
3rd Heather Child Benjamin Britten 67.90%
4th= Emily Matthew Demi 67.50%
4th= Cally Osborne Try Your Luck 67.50%
6th Anne Richardson Cosworth Glad Rags 67.00%


Class 5 - Freestyle to Music  Judge: Annabel Darrell-Rew

1st Jane Dyer Quest for Gold 71.10%
2nd Lauren Hatton Volnay 70.50%
3rd Stephanie Ring Caragloose Celtic Storm 68.80%
4th= Heather Child Benjamin Britten 66.10%
4th= Sarah Fletcher Robbie 66.10%
6th Natalie Levens Mo 65.00%


Class 6 - Open Novice 24 (2010) Judge: Annabel Darrell-Rew

1st Lauren Hatton Volnay 75.30%
2nd Inger Kavanagh Seamus 74.20%
3rd Maggie Docking Paybacktime 71.50%
4th Ruth Glover Toya Prince Charming 70.70%
5th Sarah Fletcher Robbie 69.20%
6th Heather Child Benjamin Britten 67.30%


Class 7 - Open Elementary 42 (2008)  Judge: Annabel Darrell-Rew

1st Sarah Fletcher Robbie 72.80%
2nd Maggie Docking Paybacktime 65.30%
3rd Natalie Levens Mo 57.50%

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