A good entry and good weather helped to create a cheerful competitive atmosphere at our first Combined Training Show held in association with Colraine E. C.
There were classes at 4 height levels for the Combined Training each with points for end of season trophies. A beautifully built showjumping course in Colraine's enormous arena encouraged bold flowing rounds and the horses jumped it well, but there was enough challenge to ensure that clear rounds were well earned.
The 5 Dressage only classes were also qualifiers for the Cricklands Unaffiliated Championships of GB to be held in October this year. Competition was keen and some high scores were achieved, several over 70%, so some members may now be heading for Cricklands in the Autumn.
Thanks to all who helped the day run smoothly, our stewards did a great job keeping competitors informed, and thanks to Mike Gadsden and his team at Colraine for all their hard work preparing and running the different arenas and doing the entries, scores, and results which appeared on the Colraine website the same evening.
Gwen Knight



Position  RIDER HORSE % faults CT

Class 1a  Dressage Test Prelim 1 Cricklands Qualifier

1st Amanda Combe Ebrenn 71

Class 1b Dressage Test Prelim 1  Combination not to have been placed 1st in Dressage

1st Karen Hurst Cody 48

Class 2b Combined Training Prelim 1 + 70cm Showjumping

1st Amanda Combe Ebrenn 73 4 31
2nd Stephanie Ring Caragloose Celtic Storm 75 8 33

Class 3 Dressage Test Prelim 7 Cricklands Qualifier

1st Jane Angilley Madison 69.5
2nd Sarah Cyster Bruce 59.5
3rd Rachel Biscoe Near The Mark 56

Class 4 Combined Training Prelim7 + 75cm Showjumping

1st Jen Morris Bally Bay 67 0 33
2nd Dympna Gethin Dublin 68.5 4 35.5
3rd Ali Felton Fleur 64 0 36
4th Stephanie Ring Caragloose Celtic Storm 75 12 37
5th Kate McCarthy Rosie 66 4 38
6th Dawn Evans Passion 58.5 0 41.5

Class 5 Prelim 12 Cricklands Qualifier

1st Jane Angilley Madison 74.4
2nd = Laima Davies Hollyday 64
2nd = Sarah Cyster Bruce 64
5th Rachel Biscoe Near The Mark 54.8

Class 6 Combined Training Prelim 12 + 85cm Showjumping

1st Helen Govier Masterpiece 70.8 0 29.2
2nd Gwen Knight Talisman 72.4 4 31.6
3rd Audrey Cole Jimmy 68 0 32
4th Heather Child Benjamin Briton 65.2 0 34.8
5th Nicky Palmer Penshanda 68.4 4 35.6
6th Margaret Latham Willow 63.2 0 36.8

Class 7 Dressage Test Novice 28  Cricklands Qualifier

1st Heather Child Benjamin Briton 63.8
2nd Nicky Palmer Penshanda 62.9
3rd Jane Dyer Quest for Gold 59.6
4th Margaret Latham Willow 59.2

Class 8 Combined Training Novice 28 + 90cm Showjumping

1st Gwen Knight Talisman 66.7 4 37.7
2nd Alison Steele Jago Trewerne 63.3 8 44.7
3rd Ann Varran Marnie 56.3 4 46

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