Area Dressage Team Report by Georgina Young

We all had a good day at Duchy College on Sunday, after the weather we have been having it was quite a pleasant day. I arrived hoping to recognise people as it was my first time on the dressage team, luckily Heather greeted me and asked if I needed any help.

I arrived after lunch so I missed watching the morning tests but the blue team were doing well scoring in the 70's so the pressure was on.

Stephanie's horse was impeccably behaved in a very busy warm up arena. So I decided I would pop on Talitha for 20mins to settle her down, she loves going to a party! I promptly got soaking wet whilst riding up the lane!

Popped her back in the box to smarten her up but this was interrupted and I ended up helping with a horse that was cast in the lorry 2 up from me !

Not a relaxing start, however the test went well even with saluting with whip in hand at the end scoring a 5! We have all done it!

Laima's horse went beautifully in the warm up I didn't get a chance to see the test but she was thrilled, the red team finished 3rd and the blue team were close behind coming 5th both out of 19 teams competing, which was a great result and the best with both teams Threewaters have done in the areas so far!

We had a lovely end to the day eating team chocolates and a cuppa !


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