endurancenewsarticleimageA rather frustrating start for the first competition ride of the season for the Threewaters Streamers Endurance team - demonstrating our potential to do really well, combined with bad luck that got in the way!

As usual this EGB South West event was well organised and friendly, and most encouraging to us in our new TWRC team venture. All three horses passed the vet and the farrier, setting off to keep a cracking pace round the 36k ride, until unfortunately one of our horses lost a shoe approx two thirds of the way round: We struggled on, walking on the stony bits and trotting on the softer areas, until eventually we decided that Fly and I should go ahead in an effort to boost our team score.

The other two were back by the time Fly and I went for the final vetting (where she achieved a Grade One with her trademark low heart rate) but sadly Orador still trotted up unsound, despite having a replacement shoe fitted, and failed the vet as did Gill's poor Moo who had thrown a splint! Nevertheless both had very good heartrates and our team would have done really well without the mishaps!

Gill recieved messages of encouragement from EGB and we really would like to continue, so any of you who are interested to join a pool of riders for our team do contact one of us or look on EGBSW website for team info. The more the merrier - especially if you need to get your horse seriously fit!

Dee Hall

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