Big well done to everyone who took part in the Brian Hutton training this weekend, and a big "Thank you" to Brian

for travelling down and providing a great weekend of training in his usual inimitable style. It was great to watch the improvements in both horse and rider during each session and across the two days. Shame the ground wasn't fit to go out on the xc course, but thanks to Mandy and Nick's Plan B of bringing the xc course into the arena, it all worked out well in the end!! Some photos and hopefully video clips to follow.......................and I still have spaces for his April training (21st and 22nd April) for those of you who are interested.

Just thought I'd share Brian Hutton's "Quote of the Weekend", he was explaining how to ride round two turns and over a fence, and explaining it in a deliberately non-technical (and very poetic!!!) way:
"Come round the corner
Be flippy floppy - flippy floppy
Then Flip Flop
Then Pop
And back to trot"
And do you know, it worked perfectly and horse and rider rode it flawlessly

Karen Biggs

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