NB: It is important that everyone entering any Dressage Competition should read these rules in the interest of safety for both horses and riders

The list below includes some of the rules taken from the British Dressage Rule Book.
In order to extend courtesy to other riders and to prevent accidents, It is customary to practise the following conduct:
1. Pass left hand to left hand when meeting another rider coming in the opposite direction unless he/she is in counter canter in which case you should give way by circling.
2. Make tack adjustments outside the arena if possible or near the middle of the arena but without obstructing the diagonal or centre lines.
3. Ensure your whip is not so long that it could upset a passing horse.
4. Do not halt or walk in the outside track but always leave room for other riders to pass.
5. Do not lunge.
6. Trainers or anyone else on foot should not stand in the practice arena.

BE AWARE that Restrictions to Qualifiers can change. Please check with the specific schedule or website to confirm this.



For all Club activities, including training sessions, the following rules apply:
Correct Riding Dress.
All riders whenever mounted must wear the correct riding clothes whilst riding at competition sites.
Protective Headgear.
Please click here for BRC Hat Guidelines 2016
Medical Arm Bands: are compulsory for all cross county competitions and training. Those issued by BE and BRC are acceptable and obtainable from BHS Bookshop.
Body Protectors.
A body protector is obligatory in all cross-country competitions and is strongly recommended in show jumping competitions. A BETA Level 3 (purple label) which has been manufactured in the year 2000 or after must be worn. Body protectors should be fitted and worn as per the manufacturer's instructions. The up to date BETA list of body protectors can be obtained from www.beta-uk.org.
If a rider chooses to wear an airbag style body protector it must be worn over a permitted
body protector and if activated, must be deflated or removed before continuing.
Hybrid Air-jackets are permitted.
Riders wearing Exo Body Cage protectors must inform the secretary at all events.
Stop watches: are not allowed at any time.
Hair nets: long hair should be worn in a net or secured in such a way as not to hang below the collar, again for safety reasons.
Permitted tack: this varies for each discipline and the rules are too long for this programme. If in doubt ask, or better still refer to the Riding Club Rule book.
In case of Emergency – ICE: it would be of great assistance to any respective body if you would record on your mobile telephone (under the acronym ICE) the contact number of someone you would
wish to be informed in a case of emergency.