Members Please Read

Duties are usually to help for the day at one of our events. If unable to do it, please arrange in good time to swap with someone else on the rota and inform the show organiser or contact Dawn Evans on 07980058769.

Due to swaps and changes the rota may change throughout the season.

If you intend to compete at an event where you are down to do a duty, it is your responsibility to arrange for someone to do it for you - They need not be a member. It is essential that people do their duties as, although your committees put in huge amounts of time on your behalf, they cannot run events without your help.

Because of the number of events scheduled, and because people join/rejoin throughout the year affecting their availability, you may be asked to do more than one duty, but we try our best to spread these out fairly. You will be contacted before the competition by the organiser to confirm your duty time.

If you have stated a duty preference on your membership form (location, time or type of event) we’ll take this into account where possible .


Sunday 14th October Dressage Show at Chiverton

Organisers Jo Hunt/Emma Pill
Emma Vague
Naomi Beasley
Kate Baylis
Helen Benney

Sunday 28th October Show Jumping Show at Pendarves

Organiser Nicky Lampshire
Libby Gill
Dave Jones
Karen Jones
Carolyn Richards
Rachael Biscoe

Sunday 2nd December Dressage Show at Chiverton

Organiser Jane Dyer/Alanna Angilly
Karen Hurst
Julie Darnell
Rebecca Grose
Alanna Shapland

Sunday 20th January Dressage Show at Chiverton

Organiser Inger Kavanagh/Laima Davies
Lee Lashbrook
Alison Powell
Paula Reynolds
Pippa Colton-Taylor

Sunday 24th February Dressage Show at Chiverton

Organiser Margaret Latham/Beth Taylor
Deborah Rusden
Charlotte Ruddock
Catherine Harvey
Dawn Hastings

Sunday 17th March Dressage Show at Chiverton

Organiser Lynn Batchelor
Peter Ramsey
Jenna Dingle
Gill Turner
Katie Davey

Sunday 24th March Show Jumping Show at Pendarves EC

Organiser Ali Felton
Catherine Wood
Michelle Pepper Smith
Lucy Quick
Georgina Young
Nicky Martin


Last update 2018-10-24